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Why O&L exists:


Why this Production Planner position exists:

Responsible for preparing and scheduling daily production requirements in close co-operation with the distribution and material supply departments to co-ordinate production output with clients orders and to optimise utilisation of facilities and labour. Interprets the production plan and allocates work to specific equipment/departments ensuring efficient use of existing resources. Also assist the Project Manager: Sites to control and monitor activities of jobs and projects by executing administrative duties.


Project Controlling and Administration -

  • Oversee administration such as timesheets, purchase requisitions, reports are accurately completed and submitted on time to payroll.
  • Monitor and compile reports on labour hours and material costs.
  • Determine production methodology for awarded works, with focus on required labour, materials and consumables.
  • Monitor and compile reports on work schedules.
  • Compile WIP reports for both Machine Shop and Workshop.
  • Proactively plan utilization of workshop and machine shop beginning with 48hr horizon to one week in advance. This includes labour, and equipment.
  • Assist with compiling of quotations.
  • Oversee that sub-contractor receives official order prior to commencement of work.
  • Produce invoices to clients and follow up.
  • Verify and check all sub-contractor invoices/compare to requisitions.
  • Report on labour utilizations and advise FM/PM accordingly.
  • Oversee labour, variations and standby time is correctly recorded.
  • Oversee timekeeping and attendance.
  • Coordinate project review meetings.
  • Provide feedback to estimation office.

Planning and Supervision of Sub-Contractors -

  • To source and contract in the most cost effective, experienced and efficient sub-contractor for the specific job.
  • Monitor progress, update programmes and supervise catch up strategies.
  • Ensure regular site meetings are held.
  • Ensure sub-contractor receives official order prior to commencement of work.
  • Check all sub-contractor invoices/compare to requisitions.
  • Keep abreast with performance of sub-contractors.

Health and Safety -

  • Adhere to company/client and legislative Health, Safety and Environmental standards.
  • Apply and encourage good housekeeping practices.

Ad hoc duties -

  • Provide on the job training guidance and supervision for emerging talent.
  • Attend to any reasonable request made by the Line Manager that falls within your work scope.
  • Adhere to company quality standards and excellent engineering practices at all times.
  • Perform overtime work when requested.
  • Live the O&L Values and Persona.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures.

Reporting Structure:

  • WorksManager.

Minimum Qualification & Experience Requirement :

  • Degree in Engineering and or Qualification in Project Management, Commercial or Administrative.
  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience.

Know-how / Specific knowledge required:

  • Commercial procedures.
  • Project documentation.
  • Computer Literacy (MS Office & Projects).


  • Technical Qualification.

Other requirements:

  • Knowledge of Labour Act.

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