Lead: Build & Release (Mt4)- Information Technology ( Echannels)

Capricorn Group Limited - windhoek, namibia

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Lead: Build & Release (MT4)- Information Technology ( Echannels)

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Apply by: 9 June 2024

Position summary


PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION As a Lead Build and Release you will be responsible for managing the complete software delivery life cycle. You will work closely with the agile DevOps team during the planning, development, delivery, and implementation phases to ensure quality is built-in throughout the life cycle. Build and Release management will control the life cycle of a software product, the process of planning, managing, scheduling, and controlling the build in different stages and environments like Development, System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Production stages. The Lead Build and Release will oversee the design, architect, develop, maintain, and streamline the automated build and release infrastructure and deployment pipeline from code compilation, automated testing, and deploying releases to multiple environments. The Lead Build and Release will work closely with Infrastructure Services, IT Operations, Service Delivery, Software Development, QA, and Analysis teams to integrate new deployment processes and strategies to build and improve continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. The Lead Build and Release is a member of the Agile Team responsible for delivering value to the customer using DevOps principles, practices, and processes. The Lead Build and Release is responsible to prioritize the product releases to streamline the execution of program priorities while maintaining the conceptual and technical integrity of the delivered solutions. The Lead Build and Release has a significant role in quality control and is the only team member empowered to release solutions to different environments. This is a Capricorn Group role with Capricorn Group entity responsibility.

Job description


  • Build Management

o Coordinate the PI-related activities such as plans, timelines, requirements, etc. between the development and operational teams.

o Track the PI commitment progress and identify challenges to ensure on-time delivery.

o Schedule the release readiness reviews before deployment and milestone reviews after each release.

o Create plans for the implementation and deployment as per the release schedule.

o Coordinate the Change Control Committee meeting submissions to prepare the release schedules with the team and find blockers, if any.

o Maintain documentation related to processes and procedures with regard to build and release.

o Make improvements in the methodologies used for configuration management and development practices and frameworks.

  • Release Management

o Focus on the bigger picture and views the software development and release processes in relation to the overall business objectives.

o Plan the release cycles of epic deliverables.

o Coordinate the release schedule and resources required for Platform collaboration, third-party applications, defect backlogs, planned releases, and infrastructure updates.

o Identify the risks that can delay the release and manage them, in such a manner that the PI commitments and quality of the release are not affected.

o You will be responsible for the Release Management lifecycle that involves the stages such as scheduling the release, coordinating between Platform teams, and deploying the release as per the schedule and within budget.

o Plan and give weekly updates on the release activities in the Scrum-of-Scrum.

o Allocate Automation Engineers for every release.

o Communicate, liaise and collaborate with the Lead Build and Release roles from the different Platforms.

o Lead the Go-Live activities to deploy the solutions successfully.

  • Automation

o Build automation involves the automation of not only the build process but also the integration of many other verifications such as testing, code coverage, code analysis, security verification, and so on.

o Team up with relevant Platform development teams responsible for building the automation tools used to develop, test and deploy the solutions using Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment practices.

o Always work to improve the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes.

  • People Management

o Lead and manage the Build and Release function of the Platform.

o Analyse and improve the processes in the function to be effective and efficient.

o Responsible to ensure excellent teamwork.

o Create an agile culture and mindset within the team.

o Embed DevOps practices and principles within the team.

o Coach and develop the team to ensure quality product delivery.

Minimum requirements

Core Competencies:

  • Deciding and Initiating Action
  • Leading and Supervising
  • Working with People
  • Adhering to principles & values
  • Relating and Networking
  • Persuading and Influencing
  • Presenting and Communicating Information
  • Writing and Reporting
  • Applying Expertise and Technology
  • Analysing
  • Learning & Researching
  • Creating and Innovating
  • Formulating Strategies and Concepts
  • Planning and Organising
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Following Instructions and Procedures
  • Adapting and Responding to Change
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks
  • Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives
  • Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking

Experience/Knowledge & Skills

  • Advanced technical skills which include a thorough understanding of toggling features, branch handling, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. Capable of implementing suitable methodologies and practices.
  • Excellent programming skills and experience
  • Ability to handle software infrastructure management & configuration management
  • An expert understanding of the software development lifecycle and deployments
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Structured thinking
  • Experience in coordinating cross-functional work teams up to task completion
  • Knowledge of DevOps and continuous integration and development (CI/CD) tools
  • Experience with agile methodologies
  • 6 years of using project or release management tools experience
  • 5 years of programming experience
  • 3 years of management experience
  • Platform specific:

o For example, Core Banking: Knowledge of configuration management of a core banking solution like Phoenix

  • For example, Card: Knowledge of configuration management of a card management solution like Postilion


    • Bachelor; Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering
    • Certification or experience in areas related to Build and Release management, Scrum, DevOps, or Agile methodologies

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