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kraatz marine pty ltd - walvis bay, namibia

4 months ago

Why O&L exists:


Why this position exists:

This position is responsible for optimising the Logistics Department by establishing a logistics channel, benchmarking it against external companies, and managing department efficiency and processes, as well as employee conduct, accordingly.


Distribution Planning & Coordinating

  • Research, plan, implement and manage an effective Kraatz Distribution Center (DC) business unit to effectively support and serve the Kraatz business model and strategy.
  • Analyze existing distribution procedures and recommend improvements.
  • Make proactive and well-founded suggestions on the cost-saving and investment possibility of the logistics.
  • Continually improve and develop business performance within the constraints of legislation, fuel costs and rising environmental pressures.
  • Prepare budgets and manage expenses within budgets.
  • Execute timeous and accurate planning of logistics.
  • Coordinate transport function of Kraatz.
  • Gather real time information and compile operational reports regarding activities of fleet to assist Senior Leadership on making daily operations decisions.
  • Make proactive suggestions on the streamlining of the administrative and operational function of the division.
  • Oversee that all vehicles are always properly manned as per operational requirements.
  • Ensure that all deadlines linked to any administrative function of fleet are always met such as tracking reports, weekly reports, cost management report, etc

Relationship Management with Staff and Customers

  • Effective communication towards clients for monitoring the quality of service they are receiving.
  • Oversee follow-ups on client queries.
  • Ensure that all external correspondence conforms to the laid down Kraatz standards.

Manage All Company and Lease Vehicles

  • Make recommendations regarding lease vehicles for best fit in company and operational requirements and coordinate the process further (e.g. recalling approved quotations).
  • Administer company vehicle to employee who qualifies, once approved.
  • Prepare documentation when new vehicle is received, hand over form for driver and prepare letter to Payroll.
  • Capture new vehicle data on system.
  • Overlook the fitting of trackers on new vehicles and the functionality of fitted trackers.
  • Coordinate and control return of Leased Company vehicles to the leasing company.
  • Obtain quotes from dealers for re-sale of motor vehicles once lease period lapsed and submit to Line Manager for approval.

Manage and Control Accident Claims

  • Inform cost center Managers / Supervisors / Safety Department of any accident /repairs of company cars.
  • Review administration of accident claim forms and forward to Insurance Company with necessary documentation (quotes, invoices, licences, etc.).
  • Supply and assist insurance assessor with the necessary details for inspection/repairs.
  • Ensure preparation of documentation for stolen and written off vehicles to be submitted to Road Fund Administration.


  • Overlook and control incorrect petrol filling, odometer readings and excess km driven.
  • Oversee issuing of new logbooks.
  • Monitor annual license renewals of company cars.
  • Monitor and control of licences from Road Fund Administration.
  • Control follow-ups on payments of licences, mass distance charges etc.
  • Monitor receiving and processing of Road Fund Administration invoices.
  • Oversee any other tasks performed by Fleet Controller.

Cost Control

  • Assist with planning and preparation of project estimates / budgets for approval.
  • Establish a professional cost control reporting.
  • Monitoring and control of all cost aspects in-line with approved budgets.
  • Obtain approval for scope changes / cost overruns before implementation.
  • Continuously assess cost control and take advantage of cost saving opportunities.

Reports & Admin

  • Perform administration duties and maintain clear and complete records.
  • Produce regular reports and statistics.
  • Receive, check and control monthly fuel report and distribute to drivers and managers.
  • Control and update Kraatz fleet list, circulate changes to various departments.
  • Oversee and review sign-off of all vehicles and keep a set of copies on file.
  • Ensure all the appropriate transport permits have been arranged and received.
  • Responsible for overall health of company Fleet.

General Ad Hoc Duties

  • Attend to any reasonable request made by Management, Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Directors or Shareholders.
  • Report and where possible handle cases of accident fire, theft, loss, damage or contravention of regulations.
  • Attend meetings and training courses, workshops or seminars as required.
  • Maintain the Companys standards and ensure that policies and procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • Assist where needed during periods of emergencies or crises.

Guidelines & Equipment

  • Organisational values, mission, policies & procedures.
  • Relevant departmental policies & procedures.
  • Mwenyopaleka values.
  • O&L Values & Persona.

Minimum requirements

  • Degree or Diploma in Logistics with 7 years' related experience, of which at least 2 years are in a Supervisory role.
  • Transport and Mechanical experience.
  • Computer literate.
  • Code BE driver's license.


  • Familiarity with Cellstop (or similar) vehicle tracking system.

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