Relationship Manager-Mt2

Capricorn Group Limited - namibia

4 months ago

Relationship Manager-MT2

Listing reference: capbg_000027

Listing status: Online

Apply by: 9 February 2024

Position summary


The successful candidate will be responsible for Mining & Construction portfolio clients, integrating and coordinating all the Banks products, services and resources.

Job description

  • Responsible for proactively and continually identifying business opportunities and/orpre-empt risk for both the client and the bank
  • Must have the ability to balance associated risks with particular clients needs and to act in a manner which is of long-term benefit to both
    the Bank and the Client
  • Ensure that clients utilise all appropriate transactional products to their benefit and that these are grouped/structured to maximise
    efficiency, value add and cost-benefit ratio.
  • Ensure that you are familiar with clients requirements and that you provide a personal service to priority clients
  • Responsible for CEEP (OLDM/MCM)
  • Responsible for proactively identifying and researching new business opportunities and follow up on cross selling or marketing opportunities
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining credible relationships with clients at appropriate levels through reliable, proactive service delivery and the skilful application of specialist knowledge
  • Responsible for maintaining strong working relationships with interrelated areas of the bank in order to facilitate co-operation and the smooth running of required processes
  • Ensure that clients are handled in a professional manner and that they are provided with accurate information about the Banks products and services
  • Ensure that all business solutions are implemented and maintained in line with predetermined service level agreements e.g. cash deposit fee, rates

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelors Degree in Business or related fields
  • Seven (7) years retail banking experience, three (3) years managerial experience

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