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Overall Warehouse Management:

Oversee all warehouse operations, including receiving, storing, packing, and shipping of goods.

Ensure compliance with safety regulations and company policies to maintain a safe working environment.

Inventory Management:

Maintain accurate inventory records and oversee inventory control procedures.

Implement inventory optimization strategies to minimize stockouts and excess inventory.

People Management:

Lead and supervise warehouse staff, including recruitment, training, and performance management.

Schedule and assign tasks to ensure efficient workflow and timely completion of tasks.

Resource Planning:

Plan and coordinate resource allocation, including equipment and manpower, to meet operational needs.

Anticipate peak periods and adjust staffing and resources accordingly to maintain productivity.

Process Improvement:

Identify areas for process improvement and implement measures to enhance warehouse efficiency.

Streamline workflows and optimize procedures to reduce operational costs and improve performance.

Customer Service:

Ensure timely and accurate processing of customer orders to meet delivery deadlines.

Address customer inquiries and complaints promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.


Generate regular reports on warehouse performance, including inventory levels, order fulfillment rates, and KPIs.

Analyze data and provide insights to management for informed decision-making.


Skills Required:

Strong leadership and management skills.

Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Attention to detail and accuracy.

Proficiency in warehouse management systems and Microsoft Office suite.


High School Diploma or equivalent (Grade 12).

Certification in Warehouse Supervision or Management (added advantage).


3-5 years proven experience in warehouse management or related fields.

Closing Date: 08 Febr uary 2024

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