Development Planner Grade 8 (Windhoek)

Khomas Regional Council - windhoek, namibia

2 months ago



  • Organize and conduct needs assessments
  • Formulate development projects in collaboration with development partners/committees
  • Present development projects technical options proposals at CDC meetings
  • Organize and supervise feasibility studies as needed
  • Formulate project documents and present them at RDCC meetings
  • Submit RDCC approved development projects to central government
  • Provided feedback to RDCC members after budget hearings and project submissions decisions
  • Monitor implementation of capital projects and report progress at CDC and RDCC meetings
  • Conduct project assessments and provide feed back to management and CDCs
  • Monitor implementation of the regional development plan in their constituencies

    - Coordinate outsourced planning and development work

  • Draft the terms of reference for services design and construction
  • Participate to the selection of the services providers
  • Monitor consultants and contractors performances
  • Organize field visits
  • Design and implement a quality and users satisfaction monitoring system

    - Nurture and consolidate regional partnerships in constituencies

  • Ensure that development partners understand and participate in development committees
  • Provide NGOs with institutional and technical support (eg: in formulating projects, accessing external funding sources, implementing development-planning approaches)
  • Facilitate formulation of joint venture projects with development partners

    - Sensitize people in settlement areas on sustainable use of energy and water services in their constituencies

  • Organize campaigns through CDCs, traditional leaders and development partners
  • Put in place an effective system for collecting users payments

- Provide technical support to CDCs

  • For needs assessment approaches and projects design
  • Coordinate training for CDC members in work related fields
  • Inform CDC members on projects planned and implemented in all constituencies
  • To inform CDC members on norms and standards for sectoral projects design

    - Manage operations of Build Together Programme (B.T.P) in delegated constituencies

  • Appraise loans submissions
  • Follow up on implementation of the BTP
  • Formulate regional BTP financial and physical implementation report

    - Buying food for work/ cash for work and the food security and the nutrition project programs

    - Act in the next higher post or as instructed

    - Carry out any other reasonable task delegated by the supervisor


Minimum requirements:

An appropriate B. Degree or equivalent qualification on NQF Level 7.

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