Operator: Survey

Swakop Uranium - swakopmund, namibia

2 months ago


To perform surveying tasks and capture data as per the mine surveying procedures.

Key Performance Areas:

  • Perform different survey tasks by determining the type of survey instrument to use.
  • Measure areas being dust aside in the open pit as well as around the mine.
  • Carry out all survey checks for quality assurance and quality control.
  • Survey pre and post drilling collar positions.
  • Conduct monthly stockpile and pit depletion surveys as requested.
  • Control and stake blast block patterns, misfires, lost steel and dumping limits and stake composites.
  • Carry out all tache surveys in and around the mining area as per standard.
  • Install grade sets and rotate lasers for bench loading control.
  • Construct precise leveling turning points.
  • Carry out survey of surface features to update statutory plans.
  • Use the relevant computer software to process the surveyed data.
  • Download and upload survey data from survey systems e.g. uploading of blast block patterns to be staked out and downloading of survey field data from controllers.
  • File all the fieldwork into relevant field books.
  • Carry out haul truck weighbridge measurements and calibration.
  • Check that the high precision GPS on earth moving equipments is calibrated.
  • Carry out drone survey from flight planning to final results.

Requirements and experience:

  • Grade 12 with an Elementary Survey Certificate.
  • 2 years experience in a mine surveying environment.
  • Valid Code B/BE Drivers License.

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