Financial Risk Analyst(Sp6)- Group Enterprise Risk Management

Capricorn Group Limited - windhoek, namibia

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Financial Risk Analyst(SP6)- Group Enterprise Risk Management

Listing reference: capgh_000168

Listing status: Online

Apply by: 29 May 2023

Position summary


Responsible for identifying and assessing key financial risks within the banking environment and serve as a support function to senior analysts in the financial risk team. Extract and transform data, and compile reports for different areas including Treasury Middle Office, Credit Risk and Asset and Liability Risk. Perform routine operations and reporting (regulatory and business as usual) within the financial risk environment. Be comfortable with teamwork.

Job description

Key Performance Areas

1. Credit Risk Management Support

  • Credit risk data extraction and populating data analysis sheets for Credit Risk Dashboard and reports.
  • Monthly population of credit risk report for CRF, BCC and Risk Committee.
  • Quarterly update of the BARC report.
  • Gathering macro-economic data and forecasts for updates and development of models.
  • Investigation of the macro-economic environment and outlook.
  • Population of KRI report.
  • Assisting the Credit Risk Manager with credit risk related investigations.
  • Obtain data and MIS requests from stakeholders and respond promptly and in a professional manner with verified data.
  • Assist with update of applicable policies and terms of reference.
  • Annual update of the credit risk self-assessment.
  • Monthly run and update of IFRS 9 models and compiling reports
  • Assist with specific areas of the annual financial statements and ICAAP

2. Asset and Liability Risk Management Support

  • Prepare and aggregate data for report modelling and forecasting.
  • Extract and analyze monthly data to prepare the monthly ALCO and LMRF report, and ALMAN model.
  • Conduct research and analysis for investigations in the asset and liability management space.
  • Secretarial duties for the ALCO (taking minutes of meetings, distribution of pack etc.)
  • Assist with updates of necessary policies and terms of reference.
  • Update monthly KRIs.
  • Assist with the update of the monthly and quarterly returns to Bank of Namibia
  • Prepare the quarterly group ALCO report
  • Assist the ALM Risk Manager with ALCO and LMRF actions
  • Assist with specific areas of the annual financial statements and ICAAP

3. Treasury Middle Office Operations

  • Perform administrative duties which include the responsibility to compile Bank of Namibia returns on a monthly/quarterly basis
  • Independent checking of revaluation and FX rates loaded onto Phoenix
  • Obtain information and relevant data for accurate updating of the liquidity risk indicators and triggers model
  • Responsible for updating the banks liquidity position and the Group Liquidity Risk Dashboard
  • Responsible for uploading instrument prices in the treasury management risk system
  • Monitor transaction that has not been processed
  • Assist in monitoring deal slips and updating the money market and foreign exchange dealer limits sheets as well as updating FRN resets sheets
  • Responsible for correspondent bank interest rate and margin call confirmations
  • Update TMO summary information on weekly basis
  • Assist in updating correspondent bank annual financial statement summaries on an annual or ad-hoc basis
  • Perform LMRF secretarial duties
  • Maintain independent oversight of treasury operations
  • Perform weekly and monthly market and liquidity risk reports and regulatory returns
  • Support and assist the ALM Analyst with primary analysis and reporting

4. Other

  • Familiarise himself/herself with policies, manuals and internal documentation, as well as management models pertaining to market and credit risk.
  • Identifying and analysing existing and potential risks in any product or activity offered or envisaged to be offered by Bank Windhoek.
  • Ensure the follow-up of issues identified during the monitoring process.
  • Engage with business to pro-actively identify potential market and credit risk, as requested and/or as deemed necessary through indicative analyses
  • Assisting the managers in preparing and presenting reports to the Board Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, the Executive Management Team, Asset and Liability Committee and the Risk Committee.
  • Considering, suggesting and applying methods to improve market and credit risk analysis and reporting to the Board Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, the Executive Management Team, Asset and Liability Committee and the Risk Committee.
  • Assisting in consulting and advising on actions to address significant market and credit risk weaknesses and table recommendations to the Risk Committee, Asset and Liability Committee and Board Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee for approval.

Minimum requirements

Core Competencies and Skills Required:

  • Good team player
  • Attention to detail and strong numeric capability
  • Computer literate (e.g., Excel, Power Bi, Word, Power Point etc.)
  • Programming skills (e.g., SQL, SAS, Python etc.)
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of financial instruments and financial analysis
  • Be able to navigate and manage projects
  • Be comfortable presenting analysis to senior employees or exco
  • Stand in for senior analysts when needed
  • Be able to translate business requirements into tangible technical solutions
  • See the bigger picture

Minimum Qualification Requirements

  • At least 4 years experience in a relevant field (e.g., banking, investments)
  • Bachelors degree (Finance, Mathematics, Investments, Statistics)
  • Post graduate degree/diploma will be preferred
  • CFA / FRM / ACI or studying towards it will be an added advantage

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