Alm Risk Manager(Mt3)-Group Enterprise Risk Management

Capricorn Group Limited - windhoek, namibia

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ALM Risk Manager(MT3)-Group Enterprise Risk Management

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Apply by: 29 May 2023

Position summary


Responsible for identifying and assessing key financial risks within the Capricorn Group banking environment. Have independent oversight and manage market and liquidity risks in the ALCO and treasury middle office space. Be technically proficient and able to translate business requirements into tangible technical solutions. Skilled interpersonal communicator able to lead, train, and motivate others to perform at their professional best.

Job description

Key Performance Areas

1.ALM Analysis and Reporting

  • Produces analytics and reports on historical data that support recommendations consistent with management's directives that are consistent with directives of the Board of Directors, ALCO and the Bank's governance structures.
  • Using independent judgment and discretion, assists in performing varying financial analysis (may be transaction, portfolio, etc. based), conducting research and preparing reports.
  • Conducts research, gathers information and may be responsible for the analysis ofvarying types of financial instruments for the Bank.
  • Conducts analyses, simulations and back testing on actual Bank performance to quantify the market, liquidity and foreign currency risks based on regulatory and bestpractice quantification methods.
  • Compilation of statutory returns for use by Finance department and their reporting toBank of Namibia. These reports include the liquidity risk, interest rate risk and large exposure returns.
  • Conduct frequent stress testing and scenario analysis on the banking and trading book. Report findings to ALCO or LMRF
  • Conduct internal governance reporting by reviewing relevant risk types (funding and liquidity risk, market risk in the banking book, FX risk in the banking book) and reporting to governance forums accordingly via presentations

2.Group ALM Support

  • Responsible for collating the ALCO report of the different banks in the group
  • Provides support to group regarding ALM reporting, techniques and expertise as per service agreement
  • Maintain independence and oversight over group banks ALM practices

3.ALM Policies, Procedures and Processes

  • With the assistance of ALM tools/techniques, applies expertise in creating strategies, reviewing them and ensuring the proper maintenance and tracking of implemented strategies.
  • Assesses and effectively manages the ALM objectives and activities to ensure activities are driven and completed to reach goals.
  • Forecasts figures based on different business strategies, macro-economic forecasts and other driving factors to support budget decisions.
  • Assesses the relevancy of each of the above-mentioned ToR documents when it is due for review a coordinating the feedback received from the members.
  • Responsible for ensuring the market and liquidity risk frameworks are adequate by maintaining and assisting with the KRI, self-assessments and RCSA processes.
  • Ensure data integrity, data structures and business line mappings are correct.
  • Monitor documented requirements and project manage deliverables.

4.Treasury Middle Office Process and Procedure Management

  • Ensure TMO is effectively managed by ensuring financial risk analysts are equipped and skilled to perform their specific duties
  • Provide support and independent oversight for the TMO space
  • Ensure that the TMO roles and duties are assigned appropriately to the financial risk analysts
  • Drive actions and processes that originates from stakeholders, or committees (ALCO & LMRF)
  • Ensure proper knowledge of systems and procedures
  • Continuously scrutinise and improve existing procedures
  • Be continuously aware of economic trends in the market enabling independent decision making and effectiveness of control function
  • Ensure that proper record keeping procedures are in place and adhered to
  • Continuously train and guide the financial risk analysts as part of their personal development and the improvement of the middle office function
  • Assist in updating the Market and Liquidity Risk policy included in the Enterprise-wide Risk Management policy and evolve it into a dynamic process.
  • Drive the automation of processes and procedures
  • Drive the digitization of reports

5.Treasury Middle Office Analysis and Reporting

  • Responsible for verifying and reviewing analysis and reports conducted by analysts
  • Responsible for presenting analysis to senior management, exco and board (depending on complexity and importance) when required
  • Ensure routine stress testing and scenario analysis is conducted within the treasury space
  • Monitor reports so that they are aligned with current market trends and communicate development needs
  • Review all regulatory reports that is sent to BoN
  • Provide commentary and report to the Executive Management Team, Risk Committee and the Board Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee and other relevant committees.
  • Co-ordinate market risk information, including sourcing and maintaining standardised external market data sources (e.g. prices, rates), measuring portfolio values and sensitivities, monitoring portfolios against limits and escalating breaches.

6.General Market and Liquidity Risk Management and Advisory

  • Support and advise Money Market and Forex dealing desk with market/liquidity risk management
  • Provide assistance to Credit Risk Manager and Financial Risk Analysts with ad hoc macro-economic data and bank & country credit risk ratings and limits.
  • Monitor all risk-taking activities to ensure that these remain within the overall market risk appetite
  • Provide independent advice on the appropriateness of limits and the link to overall risk appetite
  • Be continuously aware of economic trends in the market enabling independent decision making and effectiveness of control function
  • Management, Development and enhancing of the BW Liquidity Risk Threshold Model
  • Portfolio analysis of Treasury Bills and Bonds (concentration risk, sensitivity to market and liquidity risk, stress testing, etc.)
  • Provide expert advice, share best-practice / risk mitigation techniques with management to enable them to pro-actively manage the operational risks within their business units.
  • Support the line management in providing market risk analysis in an advisory-style consulting role to the rest of the business on market risk tools.
  • Provide independent analysis of limits and new products proposed by the Bank, including assessing scenario impacts on transactions and portfolios to ensure the risks are within approved overall limits and acceptable levels of risk.


  • Responsible for market and liquidity risk sections in the annual financial statements
  • Responsible for market and liquidity risk sections in the annual ICAAP/ILAAP
  • Assist finance and treasury with ad-hoc request when required
  • Ensure frequent stakeholder engagement to manage expectations

Minimum requirements

Core Competencies and Skills Required:

  • Good team player
  • Attention to detail and strong numeric capability
  • Computer literate (e.g., Excel, Power Bi, Word, Power Point etc.)
  • Programming skills (e.g., SQL, SAS, Python etc.)
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of financial instruments and financial analysis
  • Be able to navigate and manage projects
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Be able to lead train and develop people
  • Drive projects, actions, and processes
  • Knowledge of treasure and finance systems (SAP, FM Canvas etc)
  • Knowledge of treasury functions and products
  • Knowledge of balance sheet and income statements

Minimum Qualification and Experience Requirements

  • At least 5 years experience in a relevant field (e.g., banking risk/treasury/investments)
  • Relevant Post Graduate Degree (Finance, Mathematics, Investments, Statistics)
  • ACI Dealing Certificate or Diploma
  • CFA / FRM / CA or studying towards it will be an added advantage

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