Offshore Oil & Gas: 3Rd Engineer For Dp3 Drills Ship

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21 days ago


  • The 3rd engineer provides utmost assistance to the Chief engineer for running the ship efficiently. Moreover, second engineer is also in-charge of all the operational engineers and the crew of the engine room. He ensures for their personnel safety and routine duties. He also plans the overall maintenance of all the machinery present in the engine room of the ship.
  • Record keeping : Different records of the engine room have to be maintained and updated regularly. This is the responsibility of the second engineer. A few examples ofimportant recordsare logbook, bell book, Saturday or Monday routine book etc.
  • Spare Inventory : All the spares for engine room machineries likepumps,auxiliary engineetc are to be stored and inventory to be maintained and updated regularly.
  • Oil inventory : The quantity for oil present in thetanks for machinery operation like lube oil, fuel or diesel oil etc has to be recorded in an oil record book. A track for the next bunker order also needs to be maintained.
  • PMS : The planned maintenance system paperwork like updating the maintenance data etc. is to be completed under the second engineer supervision.
  • Numerous types of Marine Engines - Maintenance and operations.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing of Heavy equipments as well as Drilling equipments.
  • Implementing HSE Management system.
  • Participated in Oil platform operation supporting team.
  • Ultra-Deepwater Dual-Activity Drillship as 2 Engineer.
  • Ultra-Deepwater Dual-Activity Drillship as Rig Mechanic
  • Merchant vessels as Marine Mechanical Fitter/Welder.
  • Operation and Maintenance of all Marine Machinery as well as Drilling equipment.

Closing date: 20 March 2023


3rd Engineer Degree

Covid Vaccination card

Valid Passport - expiry date not less than 1 year


OGUK medical

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