Finance Reporting Manager

Capricorn Group Limited - namibia

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Finance Reporting Manager

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Apply by: 28 February 2023

Position summary


Responsible for the management and consolidation of Capricorn Investment Holding Botswana (CIHB) Group and subsidiary accounts for internal and external reporting.

Job description

Key Performance Areas (KPAs)


  • Ensure the required policies and controls are in place to ensure compliance with International Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards (IAS & IFRS), companies act and statutory and regulatory rules as they pertain to the Finance function.

2.Financial Reporting

  • Establish frameworks, processes and guidelines for monthly financial reporting by subsidiaries.
  • Annalise and interpret monthly financial reported results of subsidiaries to ensure early identification of trends, poor performance, etc and propose remediation action to BG Finance Manager.
  • Identify and interprets patterns and comparative trends in financial reports to identify critical risks, gaps and interdependencies across the business enterprises and highlight those to the BG Finance Manager.
  • Review monthly CIHB and its subsidiaries entity accounts.
  • Prepare monthly CIHB consolidated management accounts.
  • Prepare quarterly CIHB and its subsidiaries board pack.
  • Coordinate and responsible for CIHB and its subsidiaries annual financial statements, results announcement and integrated report.
  • Specify the format and content of the Groups external financial reports in response to changes in external accounting, regulatory and legal requirements, and business developments.
  • Provide support and guidance to the BG Finance Manager on technical accounting matters.
  • Compile group reporting instructions and ensure adherence to timelines.

3.Liaise with External auditors

  • Co-ordinate and facilitate audits and information regarding external audits and reviews for the CIHB group.

4.Transactional accounting

  • Oversees the day-to-day management and control of all centralized transactional accounting processes of CIHB and its subsidiaries to ensure that all accounts reconcile, and that account allocations and payments are correctly processed and authorized in line with policy and process parameters.
  • Reviews and manages the quality and turnaround times of the accounting process to optimize, streamline and/or re-engineer accounting processes for improved accuracy, efficiency and risk control.
  • Ensures that the cash flow is effectively managed.
  • Preparation of the monthly management accounts for CIHB and its subsidiaries as and when required.
  • Ensure compliance with CIHB and its subsidiaries general ledger maintenance policy.
  • 5.Financial Planning and Budgeting

  • Manage the annual budgeting process for CIHB and its subsidiaries.
  • Oversee the budgeting and forecasting for all entities centrally accounted for.
  • Prepare the CIHB and its subsidiaries consolidated annual budgets, 3-year forecasts and 5-year capital plan.
  • Coordinate projects budgets and reporting of projects expenses on a monthly basis in conjunction with the Projects Administrators/Managers
  • 6.Special Projects / Financial Advisory Services

    • Support the BG Finance Manager in conducting viability studies and providing advice to executives on financial performance criteria for new project proposals, including business expansions, and joint venture cost and profitability analyses.
    • Support the BG Finance Manager in the preparation of reports to the Group Investment Committee and conducting due diligence reviews on target investments.

    7.Personnel Training, Development and Facilitation

    • Ensure that formal and on-the-job training is effectively planned and conducted to ensure that sufficient expertise is available to deal with the work.
    • Ensure that the mentorship in the department is effective to enable all personnel to develop to their full potential.

    8.Evaluation of Personnel and succession planning

    • Ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of personnel and their duties to do effective performance evaluations and also ensure that ongoing discussions take place.
    • Ensure that performance evaluations are done on a regular basis according to the guidelines of the system.

    Ensure that steps are taken to develop employees for performance improvement.

    Minimum requirements

    • Degree in Finance/Accounting or related field
    • Chartered Accountant Certification

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