Solar Manager (Maintenance Operations)

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The Solar Manager is responsible for the entire maintenance team and equipment that is dedicated to fulfilling the contracts with the various solar parks (either self-owned or owned by a third party). This includes monitoring the parks on a daily basis, weekly scheduled maintenance, monthly scheduled maintenance, and unplanned or unscheduled maintenance(Breakdowns). Ideally, the person will be from a background of managing more extensive operations, have a good understanding of business principles, be able to manage people and resources effectively, and pay attention to detail. Responsible For:

  1. Health and safety of team and equipment.
  2. Training of personnel.
  3. Efficient management of team's resources (Manpower and equipment).
  4. Financial administration of the department.
  5. DELTA PCB Repair Campaign.
  6. Customer Relations.
  7. Supplier Relations.
  8. Human Resource Management.
  9. Continuous improvement of internal systems.
  10. Fulfillment of contractual obligations & Quality assurance of work delivered.
  11. Work with and Directly oversee the monitoring team to respond to events on managed sites effectively.
  12. Report to O&M Manager on operational statistics and budgets.


Required Skills and Knowledge:

  1. Must have knowledge about PV generation
  2. How to Monitor, find faults, and repair
  3. Must have knowledge of MV systems
  4. Must know how to Monitor, Fault find, and repair
  5. Business principles:
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Strategy
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Operations
    • Economics
    • Organizational behavior

Closing Date: 28 February 2023

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