Sourcing Specialist

Jabu - johannesburg, south africa

16 days ago

Sourcing Specialist

Your tasks

  • Developing procurement strategies that are inventive and cost-effective.
  • Sourcing suppliers and maintaining long-lasting relationships with them as well as existing suppliers.
  • Track inventory and restock goods when needed.
  • Expanding the portfolio of suppliers and vendors.
  • Negotiating with suppliers, distributors and vendors to secure advantageous terms.
  • Reviewing existing contracts with suppliers and vendors to ensure on-going feasibility.
  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  • Submitting purchase orders for approval and organizing and confirming delivery of goods and services that meet the quantity and quality expectations of the organization.
  • Performing risk assessments on potential contracts and agreements.
  • Controlling the procurement budget and promoting a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs.
  • Preparing procurement reports.
  • Stay up to date on industry trends and new products.
  • Compare available goods with industry trends to determine appropriate pricing.
  • Properly documenting and archiving of data owing to defined requirements CIP - continuous improvement process within assigned responsibilities.
  • Providing support and information to other departments regarding stock levels and purchases.
  • Various additional tasks relevant to the position.
  • Implementing inventory optimization strategies within the company.
  • Obtaining quotes from different suppliers.
  • Negotiating price, quantity, and delivery schedules with suppliers.
  • Working with legal counsel to ensure that all contracts relating to product procurement contain all details of the negotiation.
  • Assessing quotes and compiling a detailed assessment of cost breakdowns.
  • Generating quote comparisons and contributing to internal supplier selection based on the quotes.
  • Providing solutions to improve company spending and outsourcing.


  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Sound time-management and organizational skills.
  • 3 Years of Experience
  • Bachelors degree in administration, logistics, supply chain or related field.
  • Proven experience in sourcing processes.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excel, and outlook.
  • A thorough understanding of sourcing methodologies.

Due Date

6 May 2022

And, we can tell you more benefits:

Teammates: We work as a community, where there will always be someone with you to help you. The team supports each other, pulling together through the busy periods and always making sure to have fun and celebrate successes.

Working hours: Usually we are from 8am to 5pm at the office, but we are a startup, we work hard and we like flexibility.

Impact on the world: At Jabu, we want to positively impact the world through our initiatives. We are changing lives and you are going to be part of it.

If after everything we have told you, you want to join us, do not hesitate! Apply for this offer!

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